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healthy man with healthy sperm Not surprisingly, a man's general health has a huge impact on his sperm count and sperm health. Also affected is the sperm motility, which is the number of sperm which are active within the semen. Nutrition and lifestyle play a large role in determining your sperm count, and how quickly you experience a reduced level of sperm production.

Some causes of low sperm count are still unknown and require further study. Many factors known to cause low sperm count and fertility problems are more common in industrialized countries such as the United States.

Environmental factors affecting low sperm count include:

  • Toxic pollutants
  • Heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals in solvents
  • Smoking 
  • Recreational drug use (specifically marijuana and cocaine)
  • Anabolic Steroid use

The list above is just a few of many factors known to reduce sperm count, impair sperm motility, and damage sperm health. Other common lifestyle issues which reduce normal sperm count include obesity, caffeine, drinking alcohol, and diabetes.

When you see how many everyday factors have a negative impact on sperm count and semen production, it seems like we men are fighting a losing battle. However, many things can be done to create a positive effect on your sperm count. This might mean making a few minor changes, or possibly several major changes, depending on your lifestyle.

In the last five, years almost 3 million men have used highly effective new medically approved sperm enhancement pills to take charge of their own fertility or improve their sexual performance and enjoyment.

Recommended lifestyle changes to increase sperm count:

Take a doctor recommended sperm pill

Stop smoking

Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake

Lose excess weight

Although many factors contribute to lower sperm counts and decreased fertility, there are still many things we can do to reverse the tide and increase sperm count and improve sperm health. Many men have seen a tenfold increase in their sperm count in less than a year, when improving their lifestyle and adding a sperm volume supplement to their diet.

Good nutrition and healthy sperm.

healthy foods to boost low sperm count Most men are surprised to find out how big a difference diet makes when it comes to the health of their sperm. Many foods are rich in nutrients and vitamins known to raise sperm count and increase semen production as well.

Foods known to increase semen production and boost sperm count include liver, broccoli, carrots, spinach, almonds, strawberries and most citrus fruits. Vitamin A, C, and E are all known to raise sperm count and promote the health of the sperm and the DNA inside.

The most effective method to increase sperm count is usually a sperm pill, as they include several vitamins, nutrients, and minerals already proven to raise sperm levels and semen output. The second most important thing you can do is eliminate caffeine, alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs from your lifestyle. Lastly, diet and nutrition should be adjusted to improve sperm quantity and health - healthy foods help make healthy sperm.

Doing all of the above will result in a dramatic increase in your sperm count and semen production. However, we realize some of these things are a pretty radical lifestyle change for many men. At the very least, we recommend adding a proven sperm volume pill to your diet, which will start improving your sperm production quickly and safely - and give you more time to implement some of the changes mentioned above.

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