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Sperm Quality- About sperm health.

unhealthy sperm As with almost everything in our bodies, sperm are greatly affected by diet and lifestyle choices. Most men aren't aware that smoking, drinking alcohol, and recreational drug use, all have a devastating effect on sperm health and reducing sperm count.

Additionally, many environmental factors have a hand in lowering sperm count and sperm motility. All these factors may help explain why men's sperm count is steadily declining throughout all industrialized countries. Research indicates that sperm counts have declined as much as 42% just in the last few decades.

Fortunately, there are many things we men can do to increase our semen production, raise sperm count, and improve sperm motility. Many foods contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients known to raise sperm count and boost semen production.

Foods for better sperm health:
Spinach, liver, broccoli, almonds, citrus fruits, beef, lamb, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, yogurt, shrimp, and other iron and zinc rich foods.

Lifestyle choices causing poor sperm health:
Smoking, alcohol, caffeine, overweight/obesity, poor nutrition, recreational drug use (mainly marijuana & cocaine)

As you can see, most of the things affecting sperm and semen production are the same issues affecting our overall health and well being. We make many choices every day which can have a positive or negative impact on the health of our sperm and bodies in general. This means we have the power to make better choices which will result in healthier bodies, healthier and more plentiful sperm, and substantial increases in semen production.

We'll show you how to drastically improve semen volume with various methods including diet, lifestyle changes, and the latest medical techniques using sperm supplements such as Semenax, Volumaxx, and Volume Pills.

What nutrients help make healthier sperm?

bad food=unhealthy sperm Many vitamins and minerals work to increase semen and sperm production in the body. Vitamin's A, C, and E are all very important to sperm count. As are zinc oxide, folic acid,
L-arginine, selennium, lecithin, and many others.

Eating more foods with these nutrients is sure to have a positive effect on your sperm count and semen production. Sperm supplements combine several of these ingredients in balanced quantities, making for a very effective and safe natural sperm supplement.

Drinking more water and eating more "sperm friendly" foods are a good start in creating healthier sperm. For quicker and more noticeable results, clinically formulated sperm pills are an excellent option for raising sperm count, increasing semen volume, improving sperm motility, and promoting sperm health.

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