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Increase Cum Volume - Why men do it.

man worried about low cum volume If you've ever thought you'd like to increase your cum volume, you're certainly not alone. In a national health survey conducted by Masters & Johnson, over 85% of men said they would like to increase their cum volume and shoot bigger semen loads if they could.

There are many reasons why men buy sexual supplements like Volumaxx and Semenax, and a huge increase in cum load is just one of them. Stronger orgasms, increased staying power, and the ability to ejaculate with more power and distance are a few other reasons men say they appreciate the boost that semen volume pills give them.

There are other ways to improve your cum production other than sperm pills. Many of these can be started at home right now. Here's some ways to naturally increase sperm count and cum volume:

Abstinence - Abstaining from sex and masturbation for 1-2 weeks

Improve Diet - Eating semen and sperm 'friendly' foods

Drink Water - Improving hydration increases cum volume

Lifestyle - Quit smoking, alcohol, caffeine, lose weight

As you can see, there are many things you can do to have a positive on your semen production, and enacting some or all of these changes can help you to produce a much bigger cum load.

Some of these changes can be hard to implement, and for that reason we also recommend men add a medically-approved semen volume supplement to their daily routine. These sperm pills will have a tremendous impact on your cum volume, especially if used in conjunction with the suggestions above.

Semen Pills - A welcome boost to help increase semen.

happy couple in bed Semen volume capsules benefit a man's sex life in many ways. The most important will be the huge cum loads produced, but also very noticeable are the increase in orgasm intensity and duration, and more powerful ejaculations.

Doctors have studied these results, and found that men experiencing these positive changes enjoyed some unexpected results as well. Elevated confidence, increased sexual pleasure, and elimination of premature ejaculation were all noted as a result of the improved sexual performance caused by these potent supplements to increase cum volume.

Semen supplements like Semenax and Volumaxx have become hugely popular, and are now used by men worldwide to increase cum volume and experience sexual pleasure like when they were a teenager. Men report that they experience a level of sexual performance and pleasure they never thought they'd recapture.

Sales of sperm pills has skyrocketed in the last two years as men have found out just how effective these natural supplements are. One leading semen pill - Semenax - contains 17 herbal ingredients clinically proven to increase cum volume by as much as 500%. This makes their formula so potent that results are often quite noticeable after only a few weeks.

We find it encouraging that men have the power to improve their sexual health and performance through diet, exercise, and better lifestyle choices. And now we have the added advantage of new doctor formulated sperm pills for increasing cum volume and shooting huge semen loads.

Check out our in-depth reviews on the top rated semen pills, and see the benefits that each has to offer. Remember that by eating right, drinking lots of water, and cutting down on unhealthy habits, you'll see a positive change in your cum volume. Try one of the semen pills below and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve!

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