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Increased Semen Production - Overview

man with doctor discussing how to increase semen production Even the medical community has been impressed with the effectiveness of the new semen supplements which have been in use by men around the globe. Ironically, it has long been known that certain vitamins, minerals, and compounds make a dramatic increase in semen production.

However, with the huge demand (and potential profits) for erectile dysfunction products like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, low semen production has not received much attention until recently. With the erectile dysfunction market now quite well represented, many pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company's have turned their resources to the growing field of semen enhancement supplements.

Albion Medical has been a leader in the male enhancement industry for years, and even they were surprised by the demand for their semen volume pill - Semenax. Albion spokesman Bruce Wonnacott says even they were not prepared for the huge success of this type of product.

"We definitely knew there was a market segment looking for the benefits of increased semen production, stronger orgasms, and powerful ejaculations. But even we didn't anticipate the popularity of Semenax when we launched it a number of years ago. We had to quadruple production of Semenax within 2 months of it's launch. We now sell over 1 million bottles per year."

Understandably, most men are not too happy as they get older and notice their semen production in slow decline. Many factors contribute to this low semen production, and they vary from person to person. However, no matter what the cause of your reduced semen output, the solution is the same for every man. 

A huge boost in semen production and sperm count can occur in as little as 4 to 8 weeks. This occurs with the help of improved nutrition, lifestyle changes, and the addition of a medically approved semen supplement to your diet. Throughout this site we give you information and tips on increasing semen production including the latest medical techniques using sperm pills like Semenax, Volumaxx, and VolumePill capsules.

"Increased semen production has really never been so easy"

man with doctor discussing how to increase semen productionSex shouldn't be just okay - it should be great.   Many men report a decrease in sexual satisfaction and pleasure as they get older. This occurs for a variety of reasons: weaker orgasms, shorter ejaculations, and reduced semen loads can all contribute to reduced enjoyment and frequency of sex itself.

Most women admit that a poor sexual experience results in a decreased desire for them to initiate or engage in future sexual interactions with their partner. This leads to increased performance anxiety in men, as we feel if we don't "please her" properly, we won't have sex as often.

Whew - that's a lot of pressure for guys! Experiencing decreased semen production, erection difficulties, and premature ejaculation are all issues which can arise and give men even more cause to worry about their performance, and question if they're pleasuring their partner.

This is why we feel so strongly that men should do everything possible to make sure they're at the top of their game and performing at their sexual peak. Increasing semen production, shooting massive ejaculations, and enjoying super-strength orgasms not only makes sex more enjoyable for men, it also improves confidence and sexual performance. And that makes sex more enjoyable and pleasurable for her.

Top supplements to significantly improve sexual performance:
We recommend any man looking for better and more pleasurable sex take action now. Improving nutrition, leading a healthier lifestyle and taking a supplement to increase semen volume will produce dramatic results. Soon you'll be experiencing the enjoyment of a rejuvenated and rewarding sex life. Remember, just like everything else in life, performance is everything!

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