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There are two common issues we hear about constantly which seem to be the main concern of men everywhere - penis size and small semen load size. picture of natural semen supplement Both have a very negative impact on sexual performance, enjoyment, and confidence.

Natural semen supplements like Volumaxx and Semenax are medically formulated semen pills which combine several nutrients, minerals, and compounds known to boost semen production. These pills usually increase semen production by about 500% on average, which translates into a corresponding increase in sperm count, as there is that much more semen to host the sperm.

There are a number of semen supplements available which act as a "semen vitamin" to produce thicker semen, and much more of it. Semenax, Volumaxx, and Volume Pills are the main competitors in the industry. However, you may have heard of many others, including: Ejacumax, Spermamaxx, Xtra-cum, Wondercum, and Spur-M. These and other less reputable companies are often caught flogging their inferior products via Spam e-mail, and should be avoided at all cost.

All of our recommended natural semen supplements are made by very reputable companies and offer exceptional money back guarantees. What's even more important is that they honor their money back guarantee with no questions asked. Avoid any product without a guarantee, or that makes you get a "return authorization number", or requires you to explain why you want a refund, etc. The top products will never make it difficult to take advantage of their guarantee.

Natural semen supplements = Bigger semen load size.

man taking natural semen pill How long should you use semen volume supplements for? Everyone is different, but most men take 4-6 months to gain optimal results. You'll certainly see noticeable gains much sooner, but to increase semen production by 400-500%, you should probably expect that time frame.

Are there other benefits from taking semen supplements besides bigger semen loads? Definitely! Although the primary mission of semen pills is to increase semen production, there are many spin-off benefits from using semen pills. Many men consider semen supplements a permanent addition to their 'sexual fitness' regimen, due their amazing results. 
Additional benefits of semen volume supplements:
  • Dramatic increase in orgasm intensity
  • Longer, stronger ejaculations
  • Helps eliminate premature ejaculation
  • Firmer erections
  • Increased sex drive and confidence

We always like to stress that in addition to natural semen supplements, there are many things you can start doing right now to increase semen production. Eat more semen-boosting foods, drink more water, reduce smoking, caffeine, and alcohol, and lose weight if you are overweight or obese.

These things will all help you to fight reduced semen output and help you shoot bigger semen loads. Of course, for a major increase in semen production, you would certainly be wise to add a proven natural semen tablet. Our top performing products - Semenax and Volumaxx - are the only natural semen pills with clinical studies proving their effectiveness in boosting semen and sperm production.

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