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The following are real life semen pill testimonials from customers of Semenax, Volume Pills and Ogoplex. Testimonials are reproduced as submitted, have not been corrected for spelling, and include names and addresses where applicable: 

excited semenax customer with semenax bottle "I am using Volumaxx and the first month was very impressive. I was kind of at a stand still until the fourth month and then...Whoa!!, I'm glad i stuck with it. Thank you so much!" Clint Robinson, USA

"Fortunately, we met a naturopath who recommended SemenaxT to ensure healthy, active sperm while my wife and I continued to try to get pregnant. Boom! This worked so fast I'm almost taken by surprise. It's really happening for us at last!"
Giles L., Albuquerque, NM

"My girlfriend is very impressed with our new sex life. Because I can maintain longer erections, she can finally get orgasms from penetration. My semen volume has probably tripled since I started using Semenax." Mark Lucas

"Excellent positive gains, stamina, desire and incredible erections. The orgasms on this product are amazing. Much more volume and explosiveness. Definitely ordering more!" Corey Colwell

"I was sick and tired of hearing how older men suffer "diminished this" and "diminished that". Yeah, I was seeing it happen to me, but I just wasn't going to sit by and do nothing. After using my first order of Volumaxx, I feel like a teenager again -- amazing, intense climaxes and big, powerful loads. Please find enclosed payment for 2 more orders of Volumaxx " Andy S., Atlanta, GA

"I have way stronger ejaculations...and my semen load...WOW!!"

satisfied volume pills customers "I've been using the Volume Pills for 2 weeks and I could notice a difference from day 5. After the first week it was like I was ejaculating without doing it, really wet!! and when I reach orgasms they are really intense!!!"Ivan Garcia, Brazil

"My boyfriend suddenly had soooo much more cum, I couldn't take it all into my mouth. I mean, it was literally spilling over my lips! The change was so dramatic, I said to him, Wow! What is going on with you? He copped to taking Semenax. I applaud him! This is a blast!"
Allie W., Rockford, IL

"My performances made me believe it was better not to date. My sexual confidence was very low, so I decided to try a herbal supplement. Volumaxx Pills didn't improve my performances overnight, it was a gradual process. I could keep track of the changes in my erections and sperm volume, and it really helped me feel things were getting better." Pat

"I started looking around online for anything that might address this problem. I found a lot of sites, but finally picked Semenax because it was all about this exact problem. I wanted more of a load! After just a week of using SemenaxT, I can tell you, there's more cum than ever. Wild!" Dermot O., Brooklyn, NY

"Love what this stuff is doing for me! I have the blasting power of a stallion now! It's all thanks to Volumaxx!!" Bick D., Detroit, MI

"...I honestly couldn't believe I could make that much more cum!"

"Without a doubt, my semen load is probably 5 times more than before I started Volumaxx. Really though, it's the super-strength orgasms that are really the icing on the cake!" Wade Hoppe, Edmonton, Canada

"Since I've begun using your product my orgasms have been incredible! Never have I experienced such a rush of explosions when I climax. My wife has also experienced multiple orgasms for the first time!" Mike Schaeffer, Canada

"Can you compensate for a lack of experience? I say YES. Until recently, I never dated. I just felt like I couldn't do it for the women who are out there with so much experience with guys, I mean, I worried that I couldn't measure up. I started out looking for a male enhancement product that would boost my confidence. Semenax has done all that and more. Now I feel like a stud."
Craig W., Torrance, CA

"One night after a few drinks, my girlfriend let it slip that she thought I had a pretty small cum load.....I was pretty crushed....but after 6 months of Volumaxx, I'm drenching her in cum. She's certainly not complaining anymore...her mouth is too full!" Dean Reid, Calgary Canada

"No more embarrassing dribbling little climax. Now I shoot out a huge load every time. And I mean HUGE!! Semenax is awesome!"
Will B., Port Washington, WI

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